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Blackhead Pore Remover

Blackhead Pore Remover

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Blackhead Pore Remover

Our blackhead remover uses cutting-edge design philosophy whereby vacuuming technology and aqua-based cleaning forms the core of our product. Our blackhead remover cleans your pores by sucking and cleaning contemporaneously to minimize discomfort and dry-ness.

Name: Microcrystalline Blackhead Pore Remover
Input power: 2.5W
Rated voltage: 3.7V
Suction: less than or equal to 53kpa
Charging time: about 90 minutes

Instructions for use
  Reminder: Please use the back of your hand before you use it on the face.
Don’t stay at the same place when moving from top to bottom, this may cause
appearance of red and purple spots.

1. Take a Hot washcloth with facial cleaner to clean skin.
2. Then use a face steamer/hot towel and compress to open pores (5 minutes, temperature around 35-40)
3. Apply [Export Liquid] and start sucking, don’t wait for it to dry (if you have cotton pad, apply the cotton pad to the nose for 5 minutes and then take it off )
4. After cleansing, massage treated area gently until absorbed and wash with cold water (cold water can shrink pores)
5. You can apply a mask after sucking the blackheads as daily care.
Tips: Get better results after showering.
Please do not use it on wounded or scarred skin. The instrument has strong suction power. Stay on the same spot all the time to avoid leaving marks. After the treatment, the skin will appear flushed, a little redness is normal and will disappear automatically within 5-10 minutes. Please do not submerge the device in water.

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