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Natural Brown Eyebrow Palette

Natural Brown Eyebrow Palette

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Natural Brown Eyebrow Palette

Our new formulations have been expertly developed with the artist in mind. Each palette is designed and organized for effortless artistry. Natural Brown Eyebrow  palette contains ultra rich pigments that perform seamlessly with one another. This collection invokes creativity, performs magnificently, and is a staple in artists’ kits worldwide.


1. One-second eyebrow thrush eyebrow powder + eyebrow powder
2, Eyebrow height Thirty-three Naturally present HD six-color shaping eyebrow powders

Messy eyebrows usually affect our overall image. When our makeup looks like this it  does not look delicate and can ruin our social life, so it's particularly important to fix our eyebrow shape. Each palette contains six different tones, you can match colors according to your needs. This kit helps you quickly obtain a natural sexy looking pair of eyebrows.

Product information:

Product size: 16*10.3*1.3cm
Product color: 6 groups of colors are optional.
Storage: Please avoid direct sunlight, in Store at room temperature

Package Content:
4 x eyebrow stencils
1 x eyebrow pencil
1 x eyebrow trimming clip
2 x eyebrow brush
6 x eyebrow powder


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