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Smart Water Spray Dog Toy

Smart Water Spray Dog Toy

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Smart Water Spray Dog Toy

1. This is a multifunctional dog toy that integrates water spray function, water floating function, teeth grinding, tooth cleaning function and other functions in one, which can make the dog play happy.

2. This smart water spray toy, put the product in the water, the toy will automatically spray water, and the dog will automatically stop spraying water when taken out of the water.

3. The toy can float on the water without sinking under pressure. The toy has a built‑in waterproof sealing, and the all‑round waterproof design is protected from long‑term soaking.

4. The outer layer of the toy has molar bumps of different sizes and strengths, which can remove tooth stones and other dog food residues, and can protect the dog's oral health.

5. When the dog is out swimming or bathing, it can be thrown directly into the water for the dog to play, and dogs love this toy!

Product information:
Material: TPR
Specifications: Pink 2 Lake Blue 1, Yellow 3, Green 4

Dimensions: Length: 112mm Width: 140mm Height: 91mm

Packing list:

Dog Toy*1

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